Life Support

Life Support is book three in the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. I haven't read books one and two yet, but decided to pick this one up anyway, and I'm glad I did. It functions well enough as a standalone novel, although I plan to read the first two books as soon as I can! Life Support follows the story of nurse Lauren Barclay and PA (and single parent) Elijah Landry. They're both dealing with their own personal problems, but are drawn to each other. In the midst of all this, a hurricane is coming their way and they have to be focused on that as well.

I really love medical fiction, and Candace Calvert delivers. I have a couple other Christian medical authors, but this is the first I've read by Calvert. I think I've found one of my next favorite authors! She blends medical drama, suspense, and romance in a perfect blend. I don't like books that are too heavy on the romance aspect, and this one was perfect. It didn't have a cheesy romance novel feel, but rather it was a believable, true life drama. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Christian medical drama.


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