Blood Moons Rising

I was very hesitant to read Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons by Mark Hitchcock. I saw it when it was first coming out and have been on the fence about reading it ever since. I finally decided to give it a chance and I was pleasantly surprised. The description of Blood Moons Rising reads:

"Has the final countdown to the end days begun? Are the heavens telling us we are nearing the end? Astronomers have noticed it is coming. Historians have noted its significance. In 2014 and 2015, there will be a phenomenon in the skies of four blood moons falling during Jewish feasts. This has only happened three times in recorded history: 1493-94, 1949-50 and 1967-68. Each time these dates have had extraordinary significance for the Israelites. From the discovery of the New World to the creation of modern-day Israel, these years of the four blood moons have truly been turning points in history. Bible prophecy describes the moon being darkened and turned to blood. What is the significance of these signs in the skies? What will the future bring? Prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock guides you through the relevant Bible passages so you can understand the times in which you live."

Based on this description, I expected it to be a pro-blood-moons prophecy book, so I was pleasantly surprised that much of it was a rebuttal against the "blood moons theory". The publisher made the description a bit misleading, whether accidentally or on purpose, because it doesn't sound like it will be against the blood moons prophecy. I don't love reading "end times prophecy" books because Jesus said that no one knows when the "last day" will be and it will come as a surprise to all, but this one at least takes down another faddish theory that is out there today. I'd like to point out that where the description says "these years of the four blood moons have truly been turning points in history" - well, not really. Two episodes of four blood moons have had ZERO events associated with them (but no one ever mentions those and completely ignores them), and the other "significant events" are stretched to the point of incredulity as they occurred up to 6-12 months outside of the time of the blood moons. But this book might be a good tool to help you deal with the people spouting the "blood moons prophecy".


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