In The Secret Service

In The Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life by Jerry Parr is a thrilling memoir about the life of a Christian man in the Secret Service. The book description reads:

"Meet Jerry Parr. In 1981, he was the agent standing next to Ronald Reagan when John Hinckley, Jr., stepped out of the crowd, intent on killing the president. In the Secret Service is an adrenaline-filled ride through the life of the agent who saved Ronald Reagan’s life. Jerry spent much of his life as a silent eyewitness to history, with a gun at his fingertips. What motivates a man who is ready at a moment’s notice to step into the path of a bullet? In In the Secret Service, you’ll also follow Jerry’s inner journey. That journey led him from the halls of the powerful to the streets of the poor in Washington, D.C., to the mountain passes of war-torn El Salvador to help orphans.

You won’t want to miss this insider’s perspective on the Secret Service and a look into the heart of a man who was—and is—ready to sacrifice himself for another. At times heart-pounding, at times heartrending, this richly textured memoir of a Secret Service Agent will first move you to the edge of your seat, then to the depths of your soul."

I happen to love memoirs, and this is a thrilling page turner that you won't want to put down. Parr takes us through his years of service and, of course, saving President Reagan from assassination. The story is richly woven and has much depth. Parr's Christianity has directed his life and makes for not just exciting stories, but spiritual truths. You'll read this book for the stories, but come away from it with much more than that. I highly recommend this book to any Christian.


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