Evergreen is the latest addition to the lovely Christiansen Family series by Susan May Warren. This novella is a mini hardcover focusing on John and Ingrid, the parents of the Christiansen clan. John and Ingrid are going through many changes - including being empty nesters for the first time. John is planning a trip abroad to Paris for Christmas, but several events occur that throw a wrench in things and cause a rift in their marriage. Ingrid is sad about the changes, but John is excited. It reminded me of my husband and myself - although we're a long ways away from being empty nesters, he's looking forward to that time and I'm already dreading it! So I could relate to the story line, even though it's about an older couple.

This is an excellent little book. The story is compelling and it was nice to read some more about John and Ingrid. I love the Christiansen family and can't wait to see more stories about them. It's a very quick read - just 185 small pages - but the story is still fleshed out and full of detail. It doesn't have that "short story" feel to it. It's unique in that it's dealing with an older couple learning how to live their lives again when the children leave home. Most romance novels deal with younger couples just starting out. I love the rich history that this series draws from. I highly recommend this book to any readers of the Christiansen Family series, or anyone who loves Christian fiction in general.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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