Raw Faith

Raw Faith: What Happens When God Picks A Fight by Kasey Van Norman is the story of her struggle through cancer. Just when Kasey thought she had it all - a ministry to women, a family, faith, etc. - her life was shattered with an aggressive form of cancer. She had to decide if she was still going to trust God and follow the message she had been sharing with so many women - to trust God during times of crisis.

This book is less memoir and more Bible study. Kasey draws on a multitude of Bible characters and stories to bring home the points and lessons she learned throughout her battle. I hadn't read Kasey's previous book, Named By God, but now I can't wait to read it. I'd love to learn more about her story - it sounds great. Kasey is extremely honest and vulnerable in this book - she doesn't hold anything back. I appreciate authors who can tell it like it is and not hold back the less pretty aspects of themselves and don't try to sugar coat everything. Kasey is a real woman just like everyone else and isn't afraid to let people know that. This is a very inspiring book. I'd recommend it to any Christian going through a trial.


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