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Coupons vs. Store Brand

I frequently hear people say, even with a coupon, the store brand is still cheaper, so couponing isn't worth it! The problem with that is that sure, if you line up a full price brand item vs a store brand, the brand will usually be more expensive with a coupon. The trick to couponing is hanging on to your coupon till the branded product goes on sale, then getting it for a rock bottom price, MUCH cheaper than the store brand!An example I noticed today while flipping through the ads was Target's brand of toilet paper, up&up. They have the 24 roll advertised at $12.49. That comes out to 52¢/roll. Now, as a rule, I NEVER pay more than 40¢/roll for toilet paper, and I get good brands - Charmin, Cottonelle, Angel Soft, etc. I'm getting a high end brand of product for at LEAST 12¢/roll less than a store brand. For a 24 pack, that adds up to a savings of at least $2.88 over the store brand. I love getting my favorite brands for cheaper than the store brand! That's one of m…