Heaven: What's It Like? How Do We Get There? is a First Steps book written by Stephen Elkins. This is a new series explaining basic tenants of the Christian faith for young children in an easy-to-read, interesting, and comforting manner. Heaven is a beautiful hardcover book with whimsical, colorful illustrations throughout. It seeks to answer children's most common and basic questions about Heaven and gives the basic gospel message throughout. It's recommended for ages 5-8.

I have a 4 year old, 6 year old, and 8 year old and feel that all three of them could benefit from and enjoy this book. It's slightly "young" for my 8 year old, but she still enjoyed the poems and pictures. It's written in a poetic, easy to read style that engages kids and captures their attention. This is a great bedtime story type book. It does use some bigger words, but it's still easily understood by little ones. This is a comforting and beautiful book. I'd recommend it to anyone with small children who have questions about Heaven, or just want to teach them the basics of the Christian faith.


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