Into The Canyon

Into The Canyon is book two in Michael Neale's "River" series. I read book one, The River, back when it first came out and loved it. It was a captivating, quick read that was rich with symbolism, and was truly an allegory. Therefore, I was really excited that Neale was releasing a sequel to it and couldn't wait to read it. Into The Canyon continues Gabriel's story. The description reads:

"A tragic event can be like a refining fire, burning away what was and producing something more pure--a clearer vision of what life should be. But for some, pain becomes paralysis.

When John Clarke gave his life to rescue two reckless kayakers decades ago, his death became a powerful catalyst for good in the life of one of the boys. Filled with gratitude, Jacob Fielding dedicated himself to living life to the fullest, guiding people on The River. But there was another brother who was rescued that day. The guilt and shame Billy Fielding carried after his reckless choice has colored every day since, even overshadowing the rich sacrifice John Clarke made.

John's now-grown son, Gabriel Clarke, has come back to The River. Thanks to Jacob's mentoring and the journal his father left behind, Gabriel has come to know and love The River's ways. Now face-to-face with Billy Fielding after all these years, Gabriel experiences anew the dual choices offered by The River: everlasting and abundant life . . . or death.

So much more than an allegory, this story will challenge readers to love deeply, forgive extravagantly, and live a life for the things that really matter."

I loved this book. It's another very quick read, like The River was. It will touch and move you. Not only does the book have a great plot, the plot is really just the covering of the true story underneath, the allegory that lies behind the characters and events. Will Gabriel choose life or death, forgiveness or bitterness? The only complaint I have about this book is that I'm kind of bummed that it's not packaged as nicely as the first book - The River had a textured cover and rough-cut pages, and it had a rugged ambiance that went perfectly with the story. Into The Canyon is just a regular trade paperback and it won't look as nice sitting onto the shelf next to the first book. But minor aesthetic complaints aside, I highly recommend this book. Please read The River first, though, or this book won't make much sense to you.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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