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A Voice In The Wind by Francine Rivers

A Voice In The Wind is the first book in Francine Rivers' Mark Of The Lion trilogy. This trilogy is one of my favorite sets of books. I was thrilled to receive the 20th Anniversary Edition. It came packaged beautifully and includes a foreword from the publisher, a letter and Q & A, color map, an illustrated glossary, and discussion questions. It truly is worth it to get the Anniversary Edition. This trilogy is an epic saga that takes you through life in the Roman empire with great attention to detail and a very authentic feel. You can tell Francine spent a great deal of time and effort researching this book. It is brimming with detail and truly brings you back to the time period it is set in. This is the best historical fiction I've ever read. Yes, it is also a romance novel, but it's a rich historical book as well. You will not regret reading this book. It's a page turner from the start. I highly recommend this book and this entire series. I received a copy of t…