The Vanishings is the first book in the spinoff of the adult Left Behind series. I've read and greatly enjoyed the Left Behind book series for adults, so was interested in reading this book to see if it might be appropriate for my 12 year old, who loves to read. The premise of this book is following three teenagers after the Rapture - Judd ("The Runaway"), Vicki ("The Rebel"), Lionel ("The Liar"), and Ryan ("The Skeptic"). Book one finds them reeling in the aftermath of the Rapture and their decisions not to follow Christ beforehand. We get to view the Rapture and the following events through the eyes of these teenagers, as opposed to the adults like in the regular Left Behind series.

This is a great book for preteens and young teens, in my opinion. The publisher's recommended age is 9-12, but I think this would be a bit too much for a 9 year old. I think a better age range for this book is 11-15. I am planning on having my 12 year old read this and think it's perfect for his age in terms of reading level and the scariness factor. This book has plenty of action, adventure, drama, and suspense to keep kids turning the pages. The story continues in book two, Second Chance. I recommend this book to any Christian pre-teens/young teens. This is a great way to keep your kids reading while also giving them biblical-based fiction.


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