The Resurrection Fact

I was interested in reading The Resurrection Fact: Responding to Modern Critics by John J. Bombaro and Adam S. Francisco because I love learning more about the historical aspects of Christianity. This book isn't actually a flowing narrative, but a collection of eight essays, each covering a different aspect of the resurrection. Topics include: Defending the Fundamental Facts of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Can a Historian Explain the Empty Tomb with the Resurrection of Jesus?, John Dominic Crossan's Antichrist, The Case against The Case against Christianity: When Jerusalem Came to Athens, Justified Belief in the Resurrection, Un-Inevitable Easter Faith: Historical Contingency, Theological Consistency, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Myth and Resurrection, and Tactile and True: The Physicality of the Resurrection. The back cover says:

"As this team did with the book, "Making The Case For Christianity" (CPH), Drs. Bombaro and Francisco bring together a variety of contemporary Lutheran apologists to respond to a wide array of challenges to the heart of the Christian Faith. Each chapter addresses a specific argument from a popular, non-Christian author and offer a clear and concise rebuttal and argument for the resurrection. The editors have found able representatives from the disciplines of biblical studies, history, philosophy, and the legal profession to write each chapter. The book is accessible, written for a broad audience, and is ultimately designed to equip its readers for the apologetics task."

The Resurrection Fact wasn't quite what I expected. I was expecting something more accessible to the lay reader and something that flowed a bit better with more of a cohesive narrative. I didn't realize before I received it that it's an edited collection of essays. However, it was a very informative look at the facts surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. Every aspect you can think of is covered in this book, by a variety of authors. At times The Resurrection Fact was a bit dry and difficult to read, but it's definitely worth plodding through it to discover the most recent and up-to-date information that's been uncovered by scientists and archaeologists, the best theological arguments for the resurrection, and more. This isn't a quick and easy read by any means, but it's extremely informative. I recommend this for every Christian looking to brush up on their apologetics skills.

I received a copy of this book from Cross Focused Reviews in order to provide an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.


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