Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil by Don Basham was written in 1972, but it's been repackaged and given an updated cover. This book details Pastor Basham's reluctant change from believing that Christians can't be possessed by demons to believing that not only can they be possessed by demons, but that deliverance should be performed for many things - epilepsy, smoking, drug addictions, and more.

I was enjoying and agreeing with this book for about the first half - I believe that Satan does work today, wreaking havoc in our churches and lives, oppressing Christians, and possessing non Christians. I also believe that the church at large today often downplays potential demonic activity and tends to want to never blame anything on demonic activity. However, Don takes it a step further and claims that born again Christian believers can literally be possessed by demons. I do not believe that at all. There are many great resources on the internet explaining this concept biblically and showing why a Christian cannot be demon possessed, and I would suggest reading them before reading this book. Therefore, I took many of these stories with a large grain of salt. It was an interesting book.

I received a copy of this book from Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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