10 Days Without

10 Days Without: Daring Adventures In Discomfort That Will Change Your World And You by Daniel Ryan Day is a call to awareness and action. This book is about Day's experiment in living out his love of Jesus by going without certain necessities for, of course, ten days at a time to raise awareness for Christians living a life of excess while surrounded by poverty, disability, and need and doing nothing to meet those needs. Day spends ten day periods going without his shoes, coat, media, furniture, legs, waste, speech, and human touch. A chapter is devoted to each period. This book is written blog-style, in Day's easy, first-person voice, with a conversational tone. It's a short, quick read that you'll be able to breeze through. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how he managed life without these necessities, and the result. He includes many anecdotes - some funny, some touching, some sad - about the results of his experiment. This book will change your outlook on your Christian life and the "unseen" (poor, homeless, disabled, etc.) that surround you every day. This is the type of book that leaves you a changed person and with a desire to live out your faith more in your day to day life. I recommend this book to any Christian who wants to learn more about how to live out their faith like Jesus did. I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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