Confident Faith

Confident Faith by Mark Mittelberg promises to show us as Christians how to be confident and unshakable in our beliefs. It offers this and so much more. The book is divided into three sections: Six Faith Paths, which includes an insightful questionnaire so you can discover which Faith Path you most closely identify with, and then describes each faith path and its pluses and minuses; Twenty Arrows Of Faith, which describes twenty "arrows", or truths, that point to Christianity; and Ten Barriers To Belief, which identifies and breaks down ten barriers that can keep people from coming to faith in Christ. The book also includes notes, a list of books for further reading, and a list of websites for further online exploration. Part of the reason I was excited to read this book was the glowing introduction by Lee Strobel. I've read The Case For Christ and The Case For Faith and absolutely loved them, so the acclaim by Strobel for this book sealed the deal. I wasn't disappointed. I read Confident Faith in one day - I couldn't put it down. The quiz was very enlightening. I discovered that I'm primarily an Evidential Faith Path, which explains why I enjoy books like this so much. Reading about the different Faith Paths was very helpful, not only to learn about myself, but to minister to others who have different Faith Paths. The Twenty Arrows Of Truth were extremely compelling. They gave undeniable evidence pointing toward the deity of Christ and the religion of Christianity. These Arrows will not only strengthen your own faith, but help you in witnessing to others as well. They also give information that points away from other religions and cults, such as Mormonism, Islam, and even atheism. Finally, the Ten Barriers To Belief explain ten common reasons people have for not wanting to commit to Christ and helps to overcome them. These are also a great witnessing tool. They help explain some common excuses people give for their unbelief, such as why God allows evil and suffering and not wanting to give up a sinful lifestyle. I recommend this book to the Christian who struggles with doubts or fears, the Christian who simply want to strengthen their witnessing to the lost, and most of all, to the person who doesn't believe in Christ but is willing to have an open mind and research the facts about Jesus and the Christian religion. This book is an absolute must read. I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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