Walgreens Trip 8/19

Did an impromptu trip at Walgreens tonight! Stopped by to pick up their ad as I missed getting a paper last Sunday, and we flipped through it right there and made a good plan of action. ;)

First transaction:

-Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor, priced @$9.99. Used $4 off coupon and received $4 back in Register Rewards (RRs).

Transaction #2:

-select Dove products priced @ 4/$15. Bought 2 Dove bodywashes, 1 Dove Men+Care bodywash, and 1 Dove Men+Care loofah/scrubbing tool. Used 3 $1 off coupons and the $4 off rr, plus received back a $5 rr.

3rd transaction:

Huggies Slip-on diapers, priced @ $9.49. Used $5 off rr plus a $2 off huggies coupon. Bought a 49¢ candy bar as a "filler" as Walgreens only allows you to use 1 coupon per item purchased. Received back $2 rr.

Transaction #4:

Next we bought Herbal Essences conditioner. Priced @ $3, we used the $2 rr and a $1 off HE coupon, again using a 49¢ candy bar as a filler. Received back a $1 rr.

Final transaction:
Herbal Essences conditioner @ $3 plus candy bar @ 49¢  used $1 rr plus $1 off HE coupon and received back a $1 rr which I am saving for my next trip. :)

Altogether purchased a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor system (which included a free men's shave gel and aftershave cream), 3 bodywashes, 1 loofah, 2 conditioners, 1 package diapers, and 3 candy bars for a total cost of only $21.48. Total cost before savings was $64.02, which gave me a savings of $42.54 or


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