Answering God's Call

I just finished reading One Call Away by Brenda Warner, wife of Kurt Warner. I got it in the mail yesterday afternoon, started it last night, stayed up until 3am reading it, and finished it this morning. I literally could not put this book down, it was that good. This book is basically a memoir by Brenda Warner of her life from birth till the present day. She details all of the ups and downs that she has gone through in great personal detail, from growing up on a farm with her parents to living life as a millionaire married to a football star. The one constant in her life has been her unshakable faith.

Before reading this book, I really had no idea who Brenda Warner was, yet this book grabbed me from the very first page. Brenda went from being a child who grew up poor to being married to a philandering husband, to being a single mom on food stamps and welfare, counting every penny, to being rich and married to a wonderful and godly man. Her journey was one that was I could so relate to, having gone through many hard times myself. I found it uplifting and encouraging to read of how she held onto her faith even in the darkest moments of her life.

You may be wondering ... what on earth does this have to do with coupons? This story touched me so much because it reminded me of why I do what I do with coupons. I have been in Brenda's position - not as a single mom, but as a mom with little kids wondering where the money is going to come from for the next meal or the next bill. I started couponing so that soon I won't have to worry about that anymore - my goal is to have a pantry full of food so when lean times come, we don't have to worry where the next meal is coming from. This story was so very encouraging, and I highly recommend it.

Note: I received a copy of this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!


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