The Happiness Dare

The Happiness Dare is Jennifer Dukes Lee's second book. I was super excited when I heard that she had a new book coming out, and knew I'd want to read it right away. I'd read her first book, Love Idol, when it came out and absolutely loved it. It really touched my heart and spoke to issues that I deal with. When I saw that her new book was called The Happiness Dare, I wasn't sure if it would speak to me as much as Love Idol did, but I still wanted to give it a chance because I'd enjoyed her first book so much. When I received the book, the first thing I noticed was the super cute cover and style throughout. The cover is brilliant, candy-themed and beautiful. Just looking at the cover makes me feel happy! Inside the book, there are pages sprinkled throughout with quotes pulled from the book on super-cute candy backgrounds. The book description reads:

"Would you like to be happier?
No matter who you are or how you feel, chances are you would answer yes. And Jennifer Dukes Lee was no different. For years, she wrestled with a constant nagging sense that she wasn’t as happy as she could be. At the same time, she felt guilty for wanting something so “shallow.” After all, doesn’t God only care that we find joy in our circumstances? Or is it possible that God really does want us to be happy?

Determined to get answers, Jennifer embarked on a quest to find out whether our happiness matters to God and, if so, how to pursue it in a way that pleases him.

In The Happiness Dare, you’ll learn what she discovered, including how to:
Understand the five happiness styles and maximize yours
Overcome the four biggest obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness
Find your happiness sweet spot―the place, relationship, or activity that gives you the greatest sense of well-being
Discover what you can do in just five minutes a day to be happier
Will you take the dare?

Join Jennifer in the pursuit of your truest, most satisfied, and most faith-filled self."

From page one, I fell in love with this book. It has the same easy-to-read, conversational style as Love Idol, and once I read the first page I couldn't put it down. I loved the What's Your Happiness? style assessment, which revealed that my primary happiness style is Doer, followed by Thinker as a very close second. I found myself highlighting passage after passage to refer to again. There is just so much wisdom and truth in this book. I loved how she dedicated a chapter to each happiness style with specific advice and encouragement directed towards each type. The quote by A.W. Tozer that she uses in Chapter 4 pretty much sums up this book: "[The people of God] ought to be the happiest people in all the wide world! People should be coming to us constantly and asking the source of our joy and delight." I also loved how at the end of the chapters, she gives lists of "Happiness Hacks" that are five-minute daily practices we can use to immediately boost our happiness and start re-forming neural pathways in our brains to make us happier people. The Happiness Dare is not only Bible-infused, but highly practical as well. I highly recommend this book to every Christian. Everyone can benefit from being a happier, more grateful, and more appreciative person - and Jesus wants us to be happy!

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. So grateful for you! Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

    Jennifer Dukes Lee


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