Fiery Secrets

Fiery Secrets is the first offering by new Christian fiction writer Stephanie McCall. I chose this book because it included two topics which I enjoy: medicine and suspense. Dr. Grace Taylor is a pediatrician, recovering alcoholic, and new Christian who has recently moved to Hart Hill, Tennessee. She is trying to regain custody of her son, Jacob, from her abusive ex husband. She meets teacher Chris Anderson, a victim of a school shooting and sufferer of PTSD, when he tutors Jacob. They have an immediate attraction but must work through many challenges to form a relationship. First off, the positives: this was a very interesting and exciting book. The plot lines included alcoholism, abusive marriage, PTSD, school shootings, ghosts and mysteries from the Civil War, medicine, divorce, abortion, teaching, drug abuse, and more. It is 362 pages long, quite a large book, which I was happy with because I enjoy a good, long read. The cover and pages were nicely done and attractive. I got into the plot quickly and the story line definitely captured my attention. The negatives for me were that there was so much going on in this book it was hard to believe. There were so many different story lines and issues happening that I kept thinking to myself "there is no way all these things could happen to two people". However, it made for an interesting book, so I suspended my disbelief and tried to just enjoy the story. Also, it seemed a bit hard to believe that Grace, being a pediatrician working at a busy hospital, had so much free time - it didn't talk about her working as much as I would've expected. Overall, this was an excellent Christian romance/suspense novel. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian romance or suspense. You can purchase this book on via this link: I received a copy of this book from BookCrash in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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