A Walk Through The Dark

A Walk Through The Dark is the story of Eva Piper's walk through her husband Don's severe car accident. It begins as she hears word he's been in an accident while teaching, and details the surgeries, hospital stays, setbacks, injuries, and more that occur over the next years. Eva describes the day by day caretaking and gives much wisdom for caretakers and loved ones who are supporting a caretaker. However, this book wasn't quite what I expected. It's subtitled "How My Husband's 90 Minutes In Heaven Deepened My Faith For A Lifetime". The problem is that Eva doesn't even mention Don's trip to Heaven until one of the very last chapters, and the entire discussion and event is described in less than two pages. That's it. No details are given, and I was left wondering why he didn't tell her about it until more than a year later, and why the only reason it seemed she found out is because she overheard him telling someone else. Eva did discuss in length how her faith and prayer life was strengthened by the events of the accident and having to take over their household and lives and keep everything together, but she never really attributed any of this growth to Don's experience in Heaven - which was supposedly the premise of this book, according to the subtitle. Maybe if I'd read Don's book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, this book would make more sense to me - I don't know. I'm interested in picking up Don's book now, though, to hopefully get the other half of the story. The other problem was I felt like I was reading a news article or a book report while reading this book. I could tell she had a co writer - I didn't feel this book flowed directly from her heart to the pages. It was basically just a factual account written of the events. Very matter of fact with little extras or emotions. The only time I felt any emotion in this book at all was in the last chapter when she described her sister in law, mother, and dear friend of the family dying. Overall, the book was a quick, easy read and fairly enjoyable. I read it easily in about a day. I would probably recommend this book to someone who's already read Don's book. I received a copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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