Stumbling On Open Ground by Ken Mansfield

I will start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stumbling On Open Ground by Ken Mansfield. I was very touched by the spiritual insight he gained and shared while going through his cancer battles. I especially loved the intro to each chapter by his wife, Connie. Ken's story is very interesting, kept my attention, and was easy to read. I definitely got a lot of spiritual help from the book. However, my only complaint was that this book tended to be rather confusing to me. I am in my 20s and not a rock and roll fan, so all the talk of Apple Records and names he mentioned didn't mean anything to me and just confused me further trying to piece together who was who and what was going on. Also, the actual details of his cancer battles tended to be very sparse and disjointed - I often found myself wondering what was happening during the story as it jumped around quite a bit and on one page he had a year to live and then onto the next chapter he's been cancer free for 5 or more years. A little more detail and explanation about the events during his cancers and treatments would've helped lessen this confusion, as well as being more clear about who he was talking about with the Apple records business. Overall, I do recommend this book. His story is Job-like in its intensity and trials. I was encouraged by his strong faith through unimaginable pain and suffering. I was uplifted by his prayers and insights that he shared. I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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