Unreasonable Hope

I decided to pick up Chad Veach's book, Unreasonable Hope: Finding Faith in the God Who Brings Purpose to Your Pain because I'm always interested in reading Christian self-help books, especially those about hope and faith. I liked that it mentioned that Chad searches beyond clichéd answers. The book description reads:

"“Where was God when ____? How could God allow ____? Why?”

These are the questions that flood our hearts and minds when the unimaginable happens. When things go horribly wrong and the world seems to be unraveling, how do you believe in God’s goodness? How do you cling to hope?

Chad Veach directs readers away from clichéd Sunday school answers that fail to offer real comfort or provide faith-building insights. Instead, he draws from God’s promises in the Bible and from the story of his own daughter’s diagnosis of a devastating and debilitating disease to reveal simple, purposeful steps for dealing with pain. Resting in God’s love, remembering his past faithfulness, and realizing the distinction between having faith and clinging to hope are just some of these steps.

Veach reminds us that because we know who God is, we know there is hope.

Veach reminds us that because we know who God is, we know there is hope."

While this book was very good, it wasn't quite what I expected. I was thinking this was going to be more of a self-help book, but it's actually more of a memoir - of Chad and his wife and their daughter, Georgia. Georgia was born with an extremely rare and incurable brain defect that causes seizures, vomiting, an inability to talk and walk, and more. Their story is so inspiring and touching, and I was truly inspired by their fierce faith and hope and their love for Georgia. I love reading memoirs, and this one definitely delivered in that area. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys memoirs and/or needs a dose of hope in their own life.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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