School Time Blessings

School Time Blessings is the latest book in the Berenstain Bears Living Lights series. As a child in the late 80s and early 90s, I grew up loving the Berenstain Bears books. I've gotten many of them for my children, and they love all of them. They're their favorite book series, from my 6 year old all the way on up to my 10 year old. They frequently request a Berenstain Bears book as their bedtime story. Sadly, Stan and Jan Berenstain have both passed away now, but their son Mike Berenstain has carried the torch and is continuing on the Berenstain Bears books. Published by Zondervan, the Living Lights series combines the bears we know and love with the Christian faith, bringing biblical truths and encouragement to children through these beloved bears. I hadn't had a chance to read any of the Living Lights series yet (we only have the classics in our library at the moment), so when I had the opportunity to read School Time Blessings, I was super excited. The book description says:

"It’s back-to-school time in Bear Country!

After the long and lazy summer, it’s time for school. Brother and Sister are ready to see their friends and get busy with all of the things they enjoy about school—but are nervous about the more challenging subjects like math and history. And Honey Bear will be going to nursery school for the first time—but how will she handle not being home with Mama and Papa all day?

In this new Berenstain Bear Living Lights book, Mama and Papa Bear remind their cubs that prayer and God’s love are always there to guide them and that they will support them no matter what the challenge."

The first thing I noticed about School Time Blessings is that the illustrations look a bit different than Stan and Jan's did - which, I suppose, is to be expected, since Mike is now drawing them. They don't look quite like they used to, and Mama's apparently got a bit of a makeover and wears a strange vest over her familiar blue-and-white polka dot dress now. However, these minor difference in drawing style weren't noticed by my children. They loved the book. The Berenstain Bears have always taught morals and values, so it seems fitting that those would be blended with Scripture in these Living Lights books. In School Time Blessings, Brother, Sister, and Honey are all nervous about the upcoming school year. Mama and Papa Bear use Bible verses and prayer to help them not be afraid; and Sister and Brother figure out how they can help each other by the end. What I love most about the Berenstain Bears books, other than their clever and interesting way of teaching morals and values and important life lessons is the price - I love that these books are affordably priced, and that has never changed. At a suggested retail price of just $3.99, it's easy to collect all of the books for your children. I recommend School Time Blessings for anyone with school aged children - the timing of its release is perfect to calm those back-to-school jitters many children face in the summertime.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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