I'm Happy For You {Sort Of...Not Really}

I'm Happy For You {Sort Of...Not Really}: Finding Contentment In A Culture Of Comparison by Kay Wills Wyma is a much-needed breath of fresh air for our current culture that measures people's worth on the size of their house, the model of their car, how many likes their Facebook and Instagram posts get, and what clothes they wear. I notice that I've struggled with the problem of contentment and comparison much, much more since Facebook and social media was created: people frame their lives by snapshots of the best moments, the best meals, the best outfits, and more - but no one sees the reality behind the scenes and feels like they don't live up to the false standards. I'm Happy For You is a decisive attack on the culture of comparison. The book description reads:

"Is comparison living hijacking your life?

Do you find yourself measuring your value against your friend’s house, body, marriage, resume, paycheck, organic garden, or Pinterest-worthy holiday d├ęcor, and coming up lacking? Do your college roommate’s Instagram snapshots bear little resemblance to the scene at your house this morning?

Excessive comparison and competition sap our energy and steal our joy. Our friends become our audience and judges, and our kids become part of our brand. Add social media’s constant invitation to post and peruse, and it’s no wonder that we’re left exhausted, discontent, and lonely. Thankfully, there is another way!

With refreshing candor and humor, Kay Wyma shares her experiences with comparison living and offers readers the simple remedies that helped her and her family reboot their perspective and discover freedom, authenticity, and joy."

This book is divided into 12 chapters, covering keeping up appearances, our obsession with others, coming to terms with the inequalities of life, and more. Kay writes in an easy to read, interesting, and funny style. This is a pretty quick read, but there is a lot of truth to soak in. I feel like this should be required reading for everyone today - personally, I have had to step back from much of social media and I'm a much happier person as a result. Our focus needs to shift on being content with what we have rather than comparing what we have with everyone else we know. We can't find peace in God when we're constantly struggling with discontentment. Kay has a way of cutting to the chase and offering practical solutions and steps to true contentment. I highly recommend this book to everyone struggling in this area.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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