We Carried The Mat

I tend to enjoy memoirs (although reading ones about loss and death can get depressing after awhile), so I thought We Carried the Mat by Katie Jordan would be an enjoyable read, although potentially a bit of a downer. We Carried the Mat details Katie's journey through her husband's terminal ALS diagnosis. The description reads:

"Months before Jay’s first symptoms appeared, I felt compelled to start keeping a journal. Looking back on those fledgling entries, I recognize now that my decision to begin journaling at that particular time was prophetic.

Writing in that “safe place” reconnected me to my heavenly Father
during the most turbulent time of my life. As Jay was losing his
battle with ALS, I found myself groping for the journal and pen.

At my lowest times, I found God speaking encouragement to me
through others. Countless times I recorded something in my journals
spoken from the lips of strangers, friends, mentors, and pastors.
These were bits of light and wisdom that I tried to implement in
my hectic life as Jay’s wife and caregiver. Now I’m very grateful
they are preserved as a resource during times of trouble.

As you juggle the physical and emotional challenges of being a caregiver or
caring supporter, it is my prayer that this book will provide encouragement,
compassion, affirmation and hope. God will meet you right were you
are, and remain beside you every step of the way. Join Him where He is
already at work. He will equip you to do all that you need to accomplish,
just as He led me through my journey to completion, one step at a time."

This book is part memoir and part "how to be a good caregiver/support person to a caregiver". Katie's story was poignant and touching, but also extremely sad. It wasn't quite the book for me because I'm not currently a caregiver to an ill person (or support person to a caregiver), but it was nice to file away the tips for the future. The main problem with this book was a lack of quality editing. It could use a bit more editing and then it might be a four star book. I recommend this book to anyone caring for an ill person.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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