The Global War On Christians

The Global War on Christians by John L. Allen, Jr. is a very important book for our time. We hear a lot about persecution of Muslims, atheists, etc. in the news, but we don't hear much, if anything, about persecution of Christians. This book promises to uncover and expose the secret war on Christians around the globe. It goes much further than the "persecution" in America, such as the "war on Christmas". No, Christians around the world are being jailed, murdered, beaten, beheaded, and more. Physically, this is a very handsome book. It's a sturdy hardcover with a compelling and well designed cover/back cover. The back cover is plain black with simply the words "It's time to wake up". That phrase basically sums up the main idea of the whole book. I cannot recommend this book any more highly. Buy it, read it, and discover what is going on around the globe, and what could happen in America someday as well. This is the type of book that will give you nightmares - and make you grateful that things aren't so bad (yet, anyway) here in the US. Allen writes a concise, clear, compelling account that includes many eyewitnesses and much fact checking. He is a top rate journalist and very credible. One note is that he is Catholic, and that does interlace this book - however, he records violence against all Christian groups, from Evangelical to Catholic, all around the world. I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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