Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction by Todd M. Johnson is a legal thriller. The Hanford Nuclear Facility is a mostly-shut-down plutonium site. Security guards monitor the site to keep it safe and secure. But one night, the worst case scenario happens - an explosion rips through the plant, exposing the men to radiation. But not is all as it seems at Hanford. There is a secret plot behind the scenes and Kieran Mullaney , along with others, get caught up in it. Kieran and one of his coworkers, Poppy, experience terrible symptoms of radiation poisoning, yet they're told they've been exposed to no radiation and are asked to lie about the night the explosion happened. Kieran turns to his old friend, Emily Hart, who is a new lawyer. She has to ask her estranged father, Ryan, for help. Legal thrillers are one of my favorite genres, so I was really excited to read this book. I had a little trouble getting into the beginning because of the descriptions of the nuclear facility and the plutonium making process, which I don't know anything about. It was a bit technical at times, but it really picked up in the middle of the story and got very exciting. I had trouble putting it down once it got going! The conspiracy behind the scenes was compelling and believable. I could imagine something like this happening in real life. Although this was published by a Christian publisher, there was really no religious talk whatsoever in this book, so that was a bit odd. I was expecting it to be heavier on Christian themes. However, overall, this was an excellent book and I would highly recommend it. I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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