The Girl's Still Got It

The Girl's Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs was a very good book. When I received the book I thought to myself that the title of the book described Liz Curtis Higgs as well as it did Ruth. I've read many of Liz's books and was glad to see with her newest book, she's still "got it". Liz has the uncanny ability to take stories from the Bible and transform them into vivid pictures that all women can relate to and enjoy. The main message of this book is that no matter where you're from, what you've done, or what you've been through, God can and will still use you. The book is encouraging, enjoyable, and at times, hilarious. The message touched my heart and I highly recommend this book to all women. It includes a study guide in the back as well to be used on your own or with a group. I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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